curated ears

Curated Ears

We’ve been curating ears from our inception

Most peoples ears we curate don’t come in asking for the curation process. But, when discussing the needs and desires of each individual we put together an image of those persons piercing goals. Usually, the image we curate is mental.

Sometimes, however, someone has multiple piercings already and is maybe getting a few more. Then, drawing out (or printing) an ear and placing the jewelry they want through the paper can be helpful in that process.

That’s all curating is — making a plan

Don’t get me wrong, this is a lot of fun! I have a few pages of my journal dedicated to my body modification plans. Some of these pages will probably never come to fruition — they would be much too expensive! A girl can dream though.

Helping others realize and actualize their piercing dreams is what we’re passionate about

We love jewelry. We love piercings.

We’re open every day so stop by or give us a call and we’ll start curating!