Curated Ears

We’ve been curating ears from our inception

Most peoples ears we curate don’t come in asking for the curation process. But, when discussing the needs and desires of each individual we put together an image of those persons piercing goals. Usually, the image we curate is mental.

Sometimes, however, someone has multiple piercings already and is maybe getting a few more. Then, drawing out (or printing) an ear and placing the jewelry they want through the paper can be helpful in that process.

That’s all curating is — making a plan

Don’t get me wrong, this is a lot of fun! I have a few pages of my journal dedicated to my body modification plans. Some of these pages will probably never come to fruition — they would be much too expensive! A girl can dream though.

Helping others realize and actualize their piercing dreams is what we’re passionate about

We love jewelry. We love piercings.

We’re open every day so stop by or give us a call and we’ll start curating!

Rings vs. Studs

Whether to start a piercing with a curved or straight piece of jewelry, a ring or a stud, is a hot button issue among piercers.

The human body is a miraculous thing. Many in our industry have pushed the boundaries on what we’ve thought possible. One individual, Fakir, had piercings in his chest that have mystified us all. More people have healed piercings with materials such as thread, bone, and wood. Some have even put rings into their new piercings and they and their piercings lived happily ever after!

So, it’s possible to have a perfect piercing with a ring from day one. But is it the right option for you?

It’s possible. I said it.

Now with that being said, while it’s doable to get a number of piercings done with a ring, it isn’t always the best choice. With some piercings, like the conch, the ring needs to be such a large diameter to get around the ear that healing is significantly impaired. Needing such a large ring isn’t an issue in itself. The problem with these large rings is that they will be in almost constant motion. Twisting through the piercing, covered in crusties, and getting snagged regularly doesn’t make for a pleasant piercing.

A typical conversation between our staff and a client getting a piercing (who wants a ring) looks like this:

“I want to get my nose pierced!” As they walk in.

The professional motions the client to the jewelry options, “Here are all of our stud options, these are titanium and these are gold.”

“Oh, I want to get it done with a ring.”

We understand how lovely a nostril piercing is with a hoop. “While you can start with a ring I don’t suggest it. Healing is generally prolonged significantly. If you start with the stud you can switch to a hoop in about 2-3 months depending on how quickly you heal.”

“Alright, let’s do that then. I don’t want to deal with the healing longer than I need to,” and they point to the stud that catches their eye.

Sometimes, the ring is the right choice!

Not every conversation with someone who wants to get their nostril pierced looks like the above. Sometimes the faster healing isn’t worth waiting for the satisfaction of the ring. Those willing to spend the extra time nurturing their piercing, to be more cautious not to get it snagged, and to let us know at any signs of trouble can leave our studio very happy with their new piercing featuring a classic piece of jewelry.

As always, seeing and talking to a piercer will be the best way to curate your piercing experience. We’re here to help!

Stop by the shop to see some of the new studs we have! One of the new styles is fresh from NeoMetal- the super comfy rose cut gems!

Buying Body Jewelry Online

For a lot of people, getting quality body jewelry can be difficult. Most quality jewelry manufactures only sell to piercings studios, and if you aren't near a piercing studio, you're out of luck. We want the best in body jewelry to be accessible to anyone who wants it, so we have an online store!

With buying body jewelry online though, there are some things that need to be considered. 

  • Is it really good quality?
  • Is it the appropriate type of jewelry for the piercing?
  • Is it the right size?

Read below for details or see the images below for an overview!


Is it really good quality?

Determining if the jewelry you're looking at online is the quality that you're looking for can be tricky, but we'll let you know what you should look for. 

The first thing you should look at is what the jewelry is made of. The best jewelry will be one of the following materials.

  • Implant grade titanium (ASTM F136, ASTM F67, or ISO 5832-3)
  • Implant grade steel (ASTM F138 or ISO 5832-1)
  • Solid 14k (or higher) gold that is nickel and cadmium free
  • Niobium
  • Glass (fused quartz, lead-free borosilicate, or lead-free soda-lime)
  • Stone

You don't have to understand what a lot of this information means (it's complicated)! You also won't be able to tell if the jewelry you're looking at is one of these safe materials by looking at the pictures, but this information should be listed in a description of the jewelry.

The next thing you want to look at to see if the jewelry you want to buy is good quality is the threading style (if it's not a single piece). Internally threaded or threadless jewelry is what you want. This just means that the part of the jewelry that will be going directly into the piercing is the female side of the threading. If you're not sure what style of threading a piece is, checking the description should also answer this. 


Is it the appropriate type of jewelry for the piercing?

Now, this is harder to answer (if you can believe it!). The easiest way to determine this is if you already have a piece of jewelry you know works for the piercing so you can just get the same type. If you're still not sure what style of jewelry will be best for your piercing, stay tuned for another post which will go over this in detail. 


Is it the right size?

Any given piece of jewelry can be measured a few ways. 

  • Thickness of the jewelry is important so it's not too thick or thin. Thickness is represented as gauge, in inches, or in millimeters.
  • Length is also important in a lot of cases to it's not too long or short. Length is represented in inches (or fractions of an inch) or millimeters.
  • Wearable is also sometimes used to describe the length of the jewelry only where it goes through the piercing, or the size the piercing needs to be to accomodate the jewelry. This is also represented as gauge, inches, or millimeters. 

Now that you know the basics

you can confidently search for body jewelry online! Check out our new online store below!