kid lobe piercing

Children's Ear Piercings

Welcome to our new and improved website! We're very excited about this update. To kick off our new blog we're addressing an issue a lot of parents are currently facing - where to get kids ears pierced. 

There are a few things you want to look for when choosing where to get your kids ears pierced.

  • Is it something they offer?

  • Is it safe?

  • Is my child ready?

Is it something they offer?

A lot of piercing studios do child ear piercings, but some do not so it's always best to check to see if they do. Contact them and ask if they pierce kids lobes. While you're checking to see if it's something they offer I suggest also asking if they have an age restriction, if you need an appointment, and if you need to bring in anything like your I.D.

Is it safe?

  • What kind of earrings will they use/what are they made of? (You want the jewelry to be implant grade steel, implant grade titanium, niobium, or 14k or higher gold. The surface of the jewelry should also be very shiny so you know it's been well polished and is smooth). The most common jewelry manufacturers that only use the best are NeoMetal, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, and LeRoi Fine Jewelry (these aren't the only good companies, but they're the most commonly used here in the United States).

  • How will they do the piercing? All reputable piercing studios will do the piercing with a sterile single use needle not the guns! The guns that some places use can cause more damage to the surrounding tissue, cannot be sterilized on site, and they can malfunction (sometimes while being used on someone! This is why we hear stories about the guns getting stuck on people's ears).

  • How will they get ready for the piercing? You want the earrings and anything used for the piercing to be sterile. A lot of studios will sterilize everything right before the piercing. When this is how they get ready you'll usually be shown a sterilization integrator which will show that the autoclave did successfully sterilize everything inside. Other studios will sterilize their jewelry and tools beforehand and they will be stored in bags usually with a white paper back and a blue plastic front. These will usually have a sterilization integrator inside, or as part of the bag, so you know it's sterile.

Any studio that you want to go to will be more than happy to explain how they ensure the safety of their piercings.

Is my Child Ready?

  • Will they remember this later in life? If this is something they're going to remember, how do you want them to remember getting their ears pierced? Try to put yourself in your child's shoes and see how you feel - you know your kid best!

  • Is it something they want? Do you want them to remember a stranger forcibly hurting them (because they don't really understand or desire what was going on) or do you want them to remember being excited and happy about what happened (because they were looking forward to their new earrings)?

  • Are you worried about infection? When piercing very young children you should consider how developed their immune system is or isn't. If you're not sure about this I would suggest consulting a doctor.

This is what I consider to be the most important questions to be asking when finding a piercing studio to do your child's ear piercings. If you're in eastern Iowa you might even be considering coming to us! So, here's how we would answer all of these questions!

We do offer children's earlobe piercings with an age requirement of four years old. The reasons we have this restriction are the child's ability to fight off infection or disease, and their consent. We want the risk to be very low, and we want the child to be very happy! We do require appointments for this piercing so you'll want to contact us to set up a time. We also require I.D. for both you and your child (a valid government issued I.D. for you, and a birth certificate or school I.D. for your child). 

Is it safe? We use only implant grade titanium jewelry usually from NeoMetal or Anatometal for these piercings. We sterilize everything right before doing the piercing and will show you a sterilization integrator so you know it's all sterile. One of the sterile tools we use for these piercings is a single use needle, we don't use guns. 


if you have any questions feel free to contact us