The owner of the studio, Steeve, has been piercing since 1999, and has operated Release in some form or another since 2005. Steeve is also an award winning suspension practitioner and teaches classes and seminars all around the world, pertaining to body suspension. In addition to owning Release, Steeve also owns/operates a jewelry company! Modifika is a wholesale body jewelry company, providing other studios within the piercing community quality products to offer their customers, and carries/manufactures a wide variety of body jewelry from plugs and retainers to intricate gold pieces. 


Kyle has been piercing for 15 years. He started his apprenticeship here in his hometown of Iowa City and after living all across the country has returned home to his favorite city. Kyle is great with all ages and you can find him at the shop every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. In addition to piercing, Kyle also makes stone jewelry for Release's jewelry company Modifika! So, if you can't find a pair of plugs in your favorite stone, or they never seem to fit just right, stop by and see if he can make you what your heart desires! 


Stephanie started her apprenticeship in July of 2014 which lasted until July of 2016. She has been piercing since then. Our only female piercer, she specializes in female piercings. While she does not perform male genital piercings, she pierces most anything else every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Stephanie is also our social media manager and photographer.