Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a piercing?

Most piercings will start between $65-75. With that said, all of our prices depend on the jewelry that you choose. We have a lot of different jewelry options available, so to get an exact price stop by, pick out the piece you'd like to use, and we can let you know the total.


Why are you so expensive?

For piercings we are towards the higher end where price is concerned. This is because of the high standards we set - we care about quality over price. Going above and beyond to make sure everything is done as cleanly as possible means we use more supplies than others might. Using the highest quality jewelry available means we're spending more on jewelry as well. So, because of these things we are more expensive than you may be able to find elsewhere, but you'll find our prices are well worth our service! 


Can I bring in my own jewelry?

Yes. If you have some jewelry you'd like to use for a new piercing we suggest you bring it on in! With this said, if the jewelry you have doesn't align with our jewelry standards, if it's damaged, or otherwise ill-suited for the piercing, we won't be able to use it. Since there are a lot of factors involved when determining if a piece of jewelry is appropriate for a piercing, it's easiest if you just bring it with you. Remember that if your jewelry isn't suited for a piercing, it doesn't mean your jewelry is worthless! A lot of the times the jewelry people already have is either too short, too long, too thick, too thin, or the shape isn't good for the area. 

*When bringing in used jewelry always bring it inside of a bag or other container.*

Do you pierce children's lobes?

Yes. We do have an age requirement of four years old, and we require appointments for these piercings. 

What do I need to bring in to get pierced?

For adults all that's needed is a valid, government issued, photo I.D. (passports, drivers licenses, etc.).

For minors we require a parent or guardian be present. Both parent or guardian and the minor need to bring I.D. The parent or guardian needs a valid, government issued, photo I.D. The minor will need an I.D. as well, but can use a birth certificates as well.