Steeve Easley is the owner of Release Body Modification and has been piercing since 1999. A talented body artist, he pierces every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Piercing has always been a joy for Steeve. Compassionate and patient, he guides his clients effortlessly from anticipation to release. In addition to piercing, Steeve applies these skills to the body suspensions he facilitates and yoga classes he leads.


Stephanie Garcia is our other resident piercer. Working in our industry was a dream turned reality for her in 2015 when she began her apprenticeship in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since moving to Iowa to work at Release she’s grown immensely as a piercer and person. She pierces every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!


Abbey Jackson is an essential part of our team. She first dazzled us with her intelligence and motivation with the work she did for Modifika, our jewelry company. Now she manages our piercing studio. In addition to helping individuals curate their piercings Abbey keeps new jewelry coming in and updates our social media. Catch her in the studio every weekend and Tuesday!