Safety Is Our Top Priority

Here at Release Body Modification we take your safety very seriously. To ensure the safety of a piercing we make sure the tools we're using are the best for the job, that our jewelry is the best quality out there, and that our employees are all educated in a variety of subjects pertaining to our industry.


Sterile single use needles are the best option for performing a piercing, so that's what we use. Piercing guns can cause more damage, cannot be sterilized, and often malfunction (while being used on someone!). 

Other tools we use in the studio include medical grade autoclaves. These allow us to sterilize everything we use for a piercing, right before we do it. Whenever we set up for a piercing, we also include a sterilization integrator in the autoclave which when taken out, shows if the sterilization process was complete so you know what's going into your body is as clean as it can be!


What type of jewelry goes into a new piercing is also very important. Here, we only use jewelry in a new piercing which is implant grade titanium or steel, niobium, glass, stone, or 14k or higher gold. With so many people with sensitivities to nickel and other metals, this ensures that everyone who gets a piercing from us can wear our jewelry for the rest of their lives. 


All of our piercers have been trained in blood and airborne pathogens, first aid, and CPR. Our employees also further their education by taking classes at the annual APP (Association of Professional Piercers) conference. 

Feeling Confused?

This is totally normal, if you have any questions about how we ensure client safety or about anything else, feel free to ask! All of our staff will be happy to help you. There are no stupid questions, and not knowing a lot about piercings is nothing to be ashamed of.